UTAS-NOVA Automotive Lighting invests 600 million pesos in Aguascalientes


The Chinese supplier of automotive lighting components will be located in the Vesta Industry Park and will begin building its plant in September 2024. The new location will generate 220 direct jobs.

Aguascalientes, Mexico, April 11, 2024.- Government authorities of the state of Aguascalientes met with the Chinese company UTAS-NOVA Automotive Lighting Systems México, who announced the upcoming construction of their first plant in Mexico with an investment of 600 million pesos (around 36.5 million dollars) that will be able to create 220 direct jobs in the entity.

Present at the announcement was Rick Knill, director of operations in North America for UTAS-NOVA, who mentioned that the new plant is part of the company’s global expansion strategy, which has development and engineering centers in China and the United States. The new plant is designed to work under the principles of Industry 4.0, with a focus on digitalization and automation of production.

The first stone of the plant will be laid in September 2024 and is expected to be operational in 2025, located in the Vesta Industrial Park, south of the state capital city. Its production lines will be dedicated to the manufacture of exterior lighting components for vehicles, such as headlights, turn signal lights, fog lights, side lighting, brake lights, integrated cameras, and license plate lights, among other lighting elements.

UTAS-NOVA was founded in Danyang, China, in 1994 and its main competitors are ZKW (which is located in Guanajuato), Lumax, and Chinese competitors such as Jiuding Automobile, Jiangsu Yedi Auto Lamp, among others. UTAS-NOVA serves OEM customers such as JAC, BAIC, SAIC (MG Motors), General Motors, GAC and Stellantis.

Source: Cluster Industrial

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