Famous actors invest in the Aguascalientes-based Necaxa soccer team


Famous Hollywood actors such as Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have joined the Aguascalientes team’s group of investors.

Despite the investment of stars such as the German soccer player Mesut Özil and the actress Eva Longoria, Ernesto Tinajero continues to be the majority owner and the one who makes the decisions within the institution and who represents Necaxa in the Members’ Assembly of the Liga MX.

51% is held by Ernesto Tinajero and the select group of investors holds the other 49%, but Tinajero is the one who sits in the Partners Assembly and is the one who makes the decisions.

It was also confirmed that Reynolds and McElhenney are already preparing a documentary for the three-time Liga MX champion team.

Eva Longoria

The famous people were touring the Necaxa facilities, they even made recordings because they are going to make a documentary, they tell me that there were producers, and cameramen because they want to do something similar to what they did with the Red Dragons of Wrexham, (The Red Dragons), it is a Welsh football club, belonging to the town of Wrexham, that is what they want to do with the Rays.

On March 22 it was announced that Wrexham, whose players will appear in the movie Dead Pool 3 and which now belongs to actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, has increased its value and has managed to go from 2.5 million dollars to 11 million dollars since they were acquired by the actors.

Source: Informador.mx

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