Hundreds of Mexican doctors are fired as the AMLO administration prepares to receive more Cuban doctors


The dismissed health workers belong to the Institute of Health for Wellbeing, Insabi.

Mexican doctors from the Health Institute for Wellbeing (Insabi) denounce the numerous dismissals of national personnel. At the same time, the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador prepares to receive another group of Cuban specialists. They will join their 806 compatriots, to establish a base in the Guerrero Mountain, a point with high rates of poverty and insecurity due to the presence of several cartels that dispute the drug routes.

“It’s an injustice,” says gynecologist Andrea Peña, who this Monday accompanied the protest of 300 doctors from the Bajío High Specialty Hospital (center of the country) who were fired because they were told that “there is no money.”

“There are no resources for Mexican doctors, but there are resources to give money ($110) to Venezuelan, Colombian, and Honduran migrants,” Peña reproaches. “For these doctors who were heroes in the Covid-19 pandemic, the López Obrador Government does not open its portfolio; On the other hand, it does so to pay the salaries in dollars of Cuban specialists,” she recalled.

The Mexican Government paid Cuba $9,667,115, between July 2022 and May 2023, for a contingent of 718 doctors, a source from the Ministry of Health told 14ymedio last July who requested anonymity.

The payment was initially established under the name of the Cuban Medical Services Marketer, but in September of last year, it was redirected to the company Neuronic Mexicana, which depends on Neuronic S.A. Cuba.

Since 2018, according to the official, Neuronic Mexicana has been a representative of the products and services of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry on the Island and is under the presidency of Cuban Tania Guerra. The company “is responsible for receiving the salaries of Cuban specialists.”

Gynecologist Andrea Peña recalled that last May the “extinction” of Insabi was finalized, but the agreement was to “transfer the human resources, the budget of more than 100,000 million pesos, the material and with it both the rights and obligations to the Imss-Bienestar”, a decentralized organization to guarantee free health services and medicines, but “there was never talk of a cut.”

“Neither Insabi nor Imss-Bienestar have transferred resources to the State for people who worked under the federal E023 scheme with various health service profiles,” reported the Guanajuato Health Secretariat.

The layoffs of between 200 and 300 doctors and nurses per state were also recorded in Coahuila, Yucatán, Durango, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, Jalisco, and Querétaro.


Aguascalientes Daily Post