Aguascalientes is home to 🇲🇽 The LARGEST fair in all of LATIN AMERICA!


Aguascalientes, Mexico is a destination that offers a rich cultural heritage, a vibrant gastronomy, and a variety of attractions for travelers of all tastes and budgets. Here are some reasons why you should visit Aguascalientes in 2023:

  • Enjoy the Feria de San Marcos, one of the most important and traditional celebrations in Mexico, that takes place every year from April 17 to May 7. You can witness the colorful parades, the exciting bullfights, the spectacular charreadas (Mexican rodeos), and the musical concerts of national and international artists.
  • Explore the historical and architectural wonders of the city, such as the Plaza de la Patria, the Cathedral, the Government Palace, and the Museum of Death. You can also admire the murals of José Guadalupe Posada, a famous Mexican artist who was born in Aguascalientes.
  • Taste the delicious cuisine of Aguascalientes, which combines the influences of different regions of Mexico. Some of the typical dishes are Birria (a spicy stew of goat or lamb), chile con queso (cheese with chili peppers), and enchiladas hidrocálidas (tortillas stuffed with cheese and chicken, covered with red sauce).
  • Visit the Pueblo Mágico (Magical Town) of San José de Gracia, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Sierra Fría mountain range, the Cristo Roto (Broken Christ) statue on an island in the Presa Plutarco Elías Calles dam, and the Feria Regional del Maíz (Regional Corn Fair) on January 6.
  • Discover the cultural diversity of Aguascalientes, which has a population of 1,425,607 people, with an average schooling level of 10.3 years. You can also learn about the indigenous languages spoken by some inhabitants, such as Nahuatl, Otomí, and Zapotec.


Aguascalientes is a state that has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for history, art, nature, or entertainment, you will find it in this charming place. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Aguascalientes in 2023 and experience its wonders for yourself.

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