Which is the cheapest city to live in Mexico?


Its cost of living is 21% cheaper than in CDMX, according to specialized housing portals

Mexico City was for many years the promised land, thanks to its great offer of transport networks, sources of employment, schools and endless tourist destinations for all tastes. However, the country’s capital is already overpopulated and without housing, there are not many jobs offers and, as if that were not enough, it currently faces a terrible water crisis that could leave it without water in no more than five months.

Faced with this bleak panorama, there are many people from the capital who are considering changing their air due to the lack of employment or housing, as well as the increase in insecurity and the rising cost of living, since according to the specialized portal Expatistan, the estimated monthly costs for a person living in CDMX amount to 32,249 pesos, while for a family of four members, they increase to 59,539 pesos.

And it is that although in the capital there is a wide offer of public transport that includes the Metro, Metrobús, Cablebús, Trolebús, RTP and the concessioned routes and its cost is lower compared to other cities in Latin America, the cost of living increases due to rents, since on average they range from 10 thousand pesos in a popular area, while in the areas considered ‘expensive’, rents rise to more than 30 thousand pesos.

This is the cheapest city

According to the specialized portal Vivanuncios, Aguascalientes is one of the most economical cities to live in Mexico due to its north-central location in the country. A comparison made in Expatistan shows that it is 21 percent cheaper than Mexico City itself thanks to the low costs of rent, clothing, personal care and even entertainment, although in terms of food and transportation, it is slightly a little more expensive than the country’s capital.

On average, these are the prices of some food and drinks in Aguascalientes:

Half a kilo of chicken breast: 78 pesos; in CDMX it costs 69 pesos

12 large eggs: 42 pesos; in CDMX they are worth 57 pesos

1 kilo of tomato: 27 pesos; in CDMX it costs 31 pesos

1 kilo of apples; 44 pesos; in CDMX it is worth 49

Bread for two people: 21 pesos: for 30 in CDMX

Half a liter of beer in the super: 24 pesos: in CDMX it is worth 39 pesos

2 liters of cola soda: 36 pesos; in CDMX it costs 35 pesos

The expenses for housing in Aguascalientes are as follows, on average:

Rent of one floor in the expensive area: 14 thousand pesos; in CDMX it exceeds 29 thousand pesos

Rent of a flat in a popular area: 7 thousand pesos; in CDMX on average it is 15 thousand pesos

Expenses for electricity, water and electricity for two people: 472 pesos; in CDMX they amount to a thousand 1129 pesos

Monthly internet expense: 389 pesos; in CDMX you pay 415 pesos

The investment in transportation in Aguascalientes is:

A new car, base model: on average 350 thousand pesos; in CDMX it is worth 367 thousand pesos minimum

A liter of gasoline: 23 pesos; in CDMX it costs 24 pesos

Monthly public transportation expense: 500 pesos; in CDMX you spend 460 pesos on average

Taxi ride of 8 kilometers: 84 pesos; in CDMX the price doubles

Expatistan points out that the expenses in health and personal care of Aguascalientes are 39 percent cheaper than in the capital:

Medicine for cold: 75 pesos; in CDMX it ranges from 109 pesos

Antibiotic, box with 12 doses: 116 pesos; in CDMX it is worth 363 pesos

Visit to a private doctor: 350 pesos; in CDMX you pay on average 750 pesos

Box of tampons: 53 pesos in both Aguascalientes and CDMX

4 rolls of toilet paper: 30 pesos; in CDMX it costs 43 pesos

Roll-on deodorant: 50 pesos; in CDMX it goes up to 68 pesos

Finally, entertainment is cheaper than in the country’s capital:

Dinner for two people in a neighborhood restaurant: 243 pesos; in CDMX you pay more than 350 pesos

2 tickets for cinema: 149 pesos; in CDMX they are worth 187 pesos

2 tickets for the theater in the best seats: 510 pesos; in CDMX they cost up to a thousand 500 pesos

Monthly gym subscription: 622 pesos; in CDMX it goes up to double

Source: Infobae


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