This is the marvelous Andador de Cocina Típica de la Feria de San Marcos


The Andador de Cocina Típica (Typical Cuisine Walker) of the National Fair of San Marcos, is one of the main features of this 2023 edition of La Feria de San Marcos.

This is an extension of the “Aguascalientes Sí Saaabe” Gastronomic Program, which emerged in 2022, within the framework of the Cultural Program of the San Marcos Fair, with the purpose of rescuing the knowledge of the entity’s traditional cooks, to disseminate them and preserve them.

This year 2023, the first day was held last Sunday, April 16, in the Plaza de las Artes of the Casa de la Cultura “Víctor Sandoval”. For this day, more than 50 dishes were prepared by traditional chefs, with typical ingredients from Aguascalientes and the region.

The visiting public will be able to find Antojitos, emery, many sorts of tacos, pork pozole, Menudo and Chiquiadas, mushroom pozole, and handmade tortillas. In the main courses, there will be white ranch mole, Aguascalientes chili, Trianero red mole, roasted suckling pig, Aguascalientes style rabbit, grape mole, Catrina chili, and barbecue cooked underground.

Refreshing drinks will include cold red wine punch, curados de pulque, Tejuino, mezcal from Real de Asientos, and gallitos de mezcal; while for dessers, there were torrejas, cookie cups, guava jelly and polvorones.

In addition to the exquisite dishes, visitors will also be able to learn about the production processes and how to cultivate some ingredients, directly from the chefs.

El Andador is located, starting at 12:00 pm, inside the House of Culture “Víctor Sandoval”, on Venustiano Carranza Street No. 101, downtown Aguascalientes.

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